Tomato Lemon Crab Pasta

This blog post is a continuation from my previous recipe for Crab Cakes. Because I had some leftover crab mixture and didn’t want to eat crab cakes 2 days in a row, I decided I would turn it into a simple pasta. It worked pretty well. I would not recommend you make this pasta from scratch as I will explore a better crab pasta recipe for next time, but if you have some leftover crab mixture from crab cakes and don’t know what to do with it, you can give this a try. Continue reading “Tomato Lemon Crab Pasta”


Quick and Easy Crab Cakes

I bought some canned crab from to try recently and used half of them on some crab cakes. I have tried another couple of crab meat sources previously and have been disappointed, but I think this one from Zairyo was pretty good. They carry 3 tiers of crab meat, and I bought the claw version, which is the cheapest of the lot.

Canned crab Continue reading “Quick and Easy Crab Cakes”

Making Your Own Chirashi At Home.

About a year ago, I was suddenly in the mood to find a supplier who supplied sashimi to home consumers. My friend who was more in the know as far as food was concerned, gave me a name. I ordered my favourite items first to try: Ikura (salmon roe), Mentaiko (cod roe) and Uni (urchin gonads), and made my first simple chirashi bowls.

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