Baked Seabass With Herbs And Lime.

When watching the first movie of The Amazing Spiderman franchise, I was intrigued when the character Gwen Stacy invited Peter Parker to her home for dinner and said: “We’re having Branzino.” What is that?! I thought to myself. Later on I would find out it was a whole grilled fish, and it intrigued me, because I have always wanted to try making one for myself, grilled the ‘western’ way. Continue reading “Baked Seabass With Herbs And Lime.”


The Art Of Opening A Bottle Of Chinchalok.

I love these little stinky fermented shrimps, but I never knew they could ‘explode’ out of the bottle. Some years ago, my mum asked me if I knew how to open a bottle of chinchalok, and I said yes (but she didn’t tell me that the last bottle she opened had been a bad episode, with chinchalok exploding all over the kitchen). I was so smug.

How hard could it be? I proceeded to open the bottle like I did a beer bottle and was shocked when chinchalok came spewing out and ‘exploding’ like a volcano. The contents continued spewing out even after 10 secs, I guess the fermentation of the shrimps creates huge amounts of trapped gases in the bottle. Continue reading “The Art Of Opening A Bottle Of Chinchalok.”