Teochew-Style Fish Cake With Pork.

If you have had Teochew Porridge, then you will certainly be familiar with the fish cakes that they sell as one of the dishes. It has always been one of my must-order items, and sometimes I even just buy them alone to go with the other food that I have. One of the reasons I adore them is because pork meat is mostly mixed in and I love the texture and taste that it imparts. I have always wanted to attempt making my own, and finally decided to do it today. I certainly liked the result of this attempt, enough for me to blog it. Continue reading “Teochew-Style Fish Cake With Pork.”


Chinese-Style Spicy Marinated Cucumbers.

I am a big fan of china-styled marinated cucumbers, particularly those in the Liang Ban Cai (凉拌菜) stalls run by the Chinese nationals. I have tried making my own and not been successful, but after some practice, I think I have something I like enough to share.

This recipe calls for a popular off-the-shelf ready-made chilli by the famous brand Lao Gan Ma (老干妈). I have been looking at this chilli for quite a while on my supermarket shelf but never bought it, till my friend raved on Facebook about how good it is. I have seen this being sold in Asia supermarkets as far flung as Helsinki, so it shouldn’t be hard to get. It’s spicy but manageable.

*Update: 17/4/17: My friend sent me this link about Lao Ganma Chilli, which basically states that they did a test and the ingredients are questionable. Eventhough the chilli tastes great, please use with caution, or substitute with something better. You can get a gist of the article if you use google translate, since it’s all in Chinese.  Continue reading “Chinese-Style Spicy Marinated Cucumbers.”