Baked Seabass With Herbs And Lime.

When watching the first movie of The Amazing Spiderman franchise, I was intrigued when the character Gwen Stacy invited Peter Parker to her home for dinner and said: “We’re having Branzino.” What is that?! I thought to myself. Later on I would find out it was a whole grilled fish, and it intrigued me, because I have always wanted to try making one for myself, grilled the ‘western’ way. Continue reading “Baked Seabass With Herbs And Lime.”


Tomato Lemon Crab Pasta

This blog post is a continuation from my previous recipe for Crab Cakes. Because I had some leftover crab mixture and didn’t want to eat crab cakes 2 days in a row, I decided I would turn it into a simple pasta. It worked pretty well. I would not recommend you make this pasta from scratch as I will explore a better crab pasta recipe for next time, but if you have some leftover crab mixture from crab cakes and don’t know what to do with it, you can give this a try. Continue reading “Tomato Lemon Crab Pasta”

Quick and Easy Crab Cakes

I bought some canned crab from to try recently and used half of them on some crab cakes. I have tried another couple of crab meat sources previously and have been disappointed, but I think this one from Zairyo was pretty good. They carry 3 tiers of crab meat, and I bought the claw version, which is the cheapest of the lot.

Canned crab Continue reading “Quick and Easy Crab Cakes”

Garlic Lemon Squid

I love squid. I don’t know what it is about it, but I loved squid (or as we call it, sotong) ever since I could remember. My grandma made a particularly good simple chilli sotong which I would lap up with delight, and it was the chilli that made it so good. I have only come close to replicating it, because she used a chilli which was made by a neighbor who would gift it to her.

But today’s simple squid recipe is one which can be replicated easily, with ingredients that are easy to secure almost anywhere in the world. That is, unless you live in a place where fresh squid is hard to get. You will need to clean and gut your squid, and this is something which I find strangely therapeutic. I love picking the ones which have roe, and it is during this cleaning process where I find out if I have made the right selection. More seasoned fish handlers would be able to tell just by touching the squid, but that is a skill I have yet to hone. Continue reading “Garlic Lemon Squid”

Mitsuba At The Central (Clarke Quay).

For a long time now, I have been seeing ads from Mitsuba about their Jyo Chirashi and Ala-Carte Buffet and they always looked pretty awesome. I have always wanted to give it a try, and finally went last weekend with a friend of mine (who also loves Jap buffets). Walking around The Central made me wonder how the businesses survive, for in all my years of having visited it, I’ve never seen it commanding a large footfall beyond the first floor and basement. But I really like this building and it’s weird nooks and crevices, but most of all, for the view of the river. But I digress… back to Mitsuba. In the review below you will see some comparisons being made to Shin Minori, which has always been my go-to place for this price level of ala carte jap buffets. Continue reading “Mitsuba At The Central (Clarke Quay).”

Lobster And Crab Buffet at ParkRoyal On Kitchener.

When I saw the posting for this buffet promotion on Lady Iron Chef, I immediately thought of my dad because lobsters are his favourite. I decided to bring him for a treat as a payback for all the good food he used to bring me to when I was a child, and to be honest, I didn’t expect too much since the promotion price of $118++ for 2 pax ($138 including taxes- only if you use certain credit cards, I used UOB) seemed pretty reasonable considering this was a crab and lobster themed buffet.

But boy oh boy did it disappoint! Continue reading “Lobster And Crab Buffet at ParkRoyal On Kitchener.”

Making Your Own Chirashi At Home.

About a year ago, I was suddenly in the mood to find a supplier who supplied sashimi to home consumers. My friend who was more in the know as far as food was concerned, gave me a name. I ordered my favourite items first to try: Ikura (salmon roe), Mentaiko (cod roe) and Uni (urchin gonads), and made my first simple chirashi bowls.

PhotoGrid_1469199447069 Continue reading “Making Your Own Chirashi At Home.”

Oysters Occassions at 10 at Claymore.

I am a purist when it comes to buffets, the variety of food is not so important to me, because I skip much of the typical cooked foods. To me, they are space wasters. Gone are the days when I used to be able to consume large volumes of food, so these days, I only load up repeatedly on what I like best: Fresh Raw Oysters, Chilled Seafoods, Sashimi and Roast Beef. Sure I’d explore the rest of what the buffet can offer, but the key determinant for a good buffet for me, are these 4 items. Continue reading “Oysters Occassions at 10 at Claymore.”

The JDS Oyster Chowder.

There is no arguing that I am an oyster fanatic. When I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago, I ordered an oyster stew from the “Hog Island Oyster Company”and remembered thinking how it was just a creamy thick soup with some dollop of oysters. I saw the chef as he made it behind the counter, and remembered making a mental note that I should attempt it someday.

Fast forward to a year ago, I started ordering Japanese seafood quite feverishly and embarked on a whole home-made Chirashi phase. That was when I discovered Japanese frozen oyster meat (L sized ones) and from then on, I made it a point to store some in my fridge for those days when I need an oyster fix. Continue reading “The JDS Oyster Chowder.”