Jeruselem Artichokes.

Not to be confused with the Globe Artichoke which is the bud of a thistled plant, Jeruselem Artichokes, otherwise known as Sunchoke, is the root of a plant. I first tried this when I visited my sister in Finland last year, and she had dug some from her garden but they were too small, so each of us only had a few slices.The taste was slightly sweet with a good crunchy bite, and I liked it. So when I was exploring for my first order and saw them being offered, I immediately placed an order for it. You don’t find them much around here. Here’s how they look.

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Making Your Own Chirashi At Home.

About a year ago, I was suddenly in the mood to find a supplier who supplied sashimi to home consumers. My friend who was more in the know as far as food was concerned, gave me a name. I ordered my favourite items first to try: Ikura (salmon roe), Mentaiko (cod roe) and Uni (urchin gonads), and made my first simple chirashi bowls.

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Oysters Occassions at 10 at Claymore.

I am a purist when it comes to buffets, the variety of food is not so important to me, because I skip much of the typical cooked foods. To me, they are space wasters. Gone are the days when I used to be able to consume large volumes of food, so these days, I only load up repeatedly on what I like best: Fresh Raw Oysters, Chilled Seafoods, Sashimi and Roast Beef. Sure I’d explore the rest of what the buffet can offer, but the key determinant for a good buffet for me, are these 4 items. Continue reading “Oysters Occassions at 10 at Claymore.”

Vegetarian Stir Fried Cabbage (斋菜).

This is a common dish that both my grandma and mum used to make while I was staying with them. I remembered it’s made more around the Chinese New Year period but there’s no stopping anyone from enjoying this dish any time in the year. Continue reading “Vegetarian Stir Fried Cabbage (斋菜).”

Bacon Spinach Salad With Semi Boiled Eggs.

I put together this simple salad in my head while I was heading home on the bus. It was a toss out between buying food from the neighbourhood stall, or throwing something simple together with what was leftover in my fridge. Continue reading “Bacon Spinach Salad With Semi Boiled Eggs.”

The JDS Oyster Chowder.

There is no arguing that I am an oyster fanatic. When I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago, I ordered an oyster stew from the “Hog Island Oyster Company”and remembered thinking how it was just a creamy thick soup with some dollop of oysters. I saw the chef as he made it behind the counter, and remembered making a mental note that I should attempt it someday.

Fast forward to a year ago, I started ordering Japanese seafood quite feverishly and embarked on a whole home-made Chirashi phase. That was when I discovered Japanese frozen oyster meat (L sized ones) and from then on, I made it a point to store some in my fridge for those days when I need an oyster fix. Continue reading “The JDS Oyster Chowder.”